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Next Generation Yachting

Here is why Next Generation Yachting will sell your boat faster

Our sales are consistent and well driven, allowing some of the best returns in the industry for our customers. Not only we will bring better offer but also faster sales. There is no secrets to it, simply a few principles followed to the letter that will guaranty successful results.

Here are a few reasons why we sell yachts faster and better:


Amazing Preparation is Everything

First impression is everything. Our goal is to have your yacht showcased in the most professional manners to attract quality buyers and to obtain the best offers possible. Quality brochures, videos, pictures and an exhaustive and accurate specification list will help you get all the attention your yacht deserves.


Mailings That Reach People


We are constantly monitoring our mailing results to avoid low conversion results and to insure our emails are well received, opened and appreciated! With a mailing list of thousands of contacts and growing there is good chances we already have a buyer for your yacht.


The Latest Online Marketing Only

Our online marketing is made of the latest technologies approach allowing us to reach more people from more geographic areas than standard marketing tools. We advertise in all major MLS but also in websites all around the globe with local reach creating strong presence around the world. Our SEO consultants are some of the best in the business and your yacht will be put in front of thousands of people everyday.


Cutting Edge Website Focused on Conversion


Clear search engine, selected listings, co-brokerage friendly attitude, featured yachts showcased in front page, yacht search automated system and many more applications in the making will ensure that our visitors will not only find the information but also enjoy it. More visitors will in return help sell your yacht aster…and we are constantly improving!


We Are Proactive, Licensed and Bonded Brokers!

We don't just seat and wait for a buyer to contact us about your yacht, we are calling co-brokers that have sold or that have for sale similar yachts to present your listing to them and their customers. We will ensure that brokers around the world knows about your boat being for sale and because of our standards of work and selective process of the listings we represent buyers will know your boat stands out from the competition and should be considered.

We also participate to the Florida Yacht Broker Association meetings every second Thursday and can have your yacht showcased to the industry creating a word to mouth that could generate concrete leads very quickly.


Boat Shows Are Fun and Generate More Leads for Your Yacht!


Our presence at boat shows with your yacht for sale is a great feature if you have listed your boat during the boat show season (typically from September to April) and we would be happy to discuss with you the opportunities to showcase your yacht for sale during some of the major boat shows on the planet here in Florida or in Europe if your yacht is located overseas.

Want to learn more about this opportunity?:


Open Yacht Days

As in real estate we invite broker and customers to visit your listing on a special day, we can cater to the event and invite customer and their representative alike to your yacht while at the dock, under supervision and with your yacht in mind as the center of all the attention.


B2B Partnerships


we partner with major real estate companies with waterfront listings to show case your yacht to a selected clientele looking to buy water front properties and ultimately a yacht to dock. We also participate to networking events with representative of different professions willing to advertise our company and our listings to their own network of clients and family and friends. Word to mouth is still a powerful marketing tool…


Extra Services

We have a list of selected contractors and crew to help each and every yacht owners to succeed with the preparation of their yachting order to sell fast and to stand out from competition:

Yacht Preparation:

  • Boat Detailers
  • Freelance Captains
  • Freelance Stewardess
  • Freelance Deckhands
  • Mechanics
  • Air Conditioning Specialists
  • Canvas and marine upholstery companies
  • Carpet cleaning companies

Legal help to sell:

We can arrange for the importation duty to be paid on your vessel shall you need to sell here in the US, we can also arrange a boat show bond for your yacht to be show cased in all boat shows while being for sale without paying duties


Creating an Income While Your Yacht is For Sale


We partner with some of the best Day/Week Charter companies in Florida and Bahamas allowing you to generate an income from your yacht while being for sale. This option fits perfectly local yachts in Miami and Fort Lauderdale Area.


We Take Trades

Once our brochures and marketing tools are in place it becomes much easier for any yacht owner to look at your yacht and feel they would accept your yacht as a trade. If you are in a rush and do not want to wait for the right buyer to come we can also accommodate you with purchasing your yacht as is and to cash out quickly wether it is to purchase your next dream yacht fast or simply to put a “pause” on your yachting lifestyle.

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