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Our sales are consistent and well driven, allowing some of the best returns in the industry for our customers. Not only we will bring better offer but also faster sales. There is no secrets to it, simply a few principles followed to the letter that will guaranty successful results.



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In 2016, I decided to buy a Catamaran. Nicolas helped me to find it. I was new in buying boats and Nicolas managed a visit to Lagoon Factories in Bordeaux, France. He traveled there and we joined and made the visit. Finally, the selection was a 450F. I enjoyed the boat for almost 03 years and decided to replace it with the new Lagoon 46. So, I sailed the 450F from Fajardo - Puerto Rico, to Fort Lauderdale, in order to sell the boat. Of course, NYG took charge of everything, that is, the reception of the boat, private docking, the cleaning service, review and maintenance of the main equipment (engines, electric generator, air conditioning, water maker, etc.). All at very competitive prices. In a month, Nicolas had firm proposals and quickly the sale was closed. The paperwork and documentation flowed very quickly. Finally the deposit of the money was realized with no events. In summary, Nicolas and his team are great people to work with, professional, efficient, honest and reliable. Impossible to have a better service!

R. Escalante


The boating industry has a pretty bad reputation when it comes to brokers. I went through my share of them on my quest to buy my dream boat. By pure luck I found Nicolas and NGY. Nicolas was the best to work with. He was a straight shooter, was patient with me and some of my crazy requests, like a low ball offer on an extremely nice Kysna. He knew I was nuts, but obliged, hey you never know until you try, and he was right.

When we finally found THE boat he guided us through the process, managed some behind the scenes BS that he shielded my wife and I from (I won't go into the details but he was looking out for our best interest and negotiated on our behalf. I found out later and was super grateful we were not involved or even knew about it).

I can't say enough good things about how happy we we're to have Nic on our side. I would highly recommend Nic and NGY.

J. Stewart


Nicolas assisted us with the purchase of our 52 Lagoon. He made the process simple, negotiating and advocating on our behalf to reach a fair deal, and then went above and beyond in assisting us with the details once the sale was completed. He continues to offer his advice and support, and we are pleased to consider him a friend thru this process!


My experience with Next Generation yachting was extremely positive. Nicolas sold me a Catamaram at the end of 2016. I was impressed with his industry knowledge and ability to help and guide me thru the purchase. Nicolas carefully took in consideration the scope of my project and was always a phone call away to help me thru the buying process. More important after the sale he continued to be available and I never felt I did not have an answer for my questions. After my project was over in 2018, I asked him to get involved on the sale of my vessel, Nicolas helped me in all aspects of the sale minimizing and eliminating any potential headaches associated to a very burocratic transaction of selling a used sailing catamaran. I know that because of him I was able to sell my boat at top price. I had never been so satisfied and honestly very happy to pay a commission in the end of the day. I highly recommend his service and definitely plan to buy another boat from Next Generation yachting in the near future.


E. Farinelli


Nicolas is a dedicated, conscientious professional who is willing to go above and beyond to make sure that his clients are assisted in all aspects of the purchase process. He is able to call upon a wealth of information and a network of like minded professionals to ultimately provide an exemplary experience....almost a concierge service for yacht purchase. I couldn't ask for anything more, and I would highly recommend his services to anyone looking for either a power or sailing vessel. 



I worked with Next Generation Yachting over several months to identify a suitable boat for my family. I found Nicolas very helpful and supremely understanding of all the factors that determine the appropriate boat for our needs. My only disappointment is that I chose not to complete a purchase through Next Generation Yachting. If I had proceeded with Nicolas I would have my boat now rather than having to wait till who knows when!




Very insightful and a pleasure to deal with. Not only does he know the ins and outs of yachts, but also trends in the market and where to get the best price/options given you're specific needs. Highly recommend to anyone in the market and encourage people to inquire as you always learn something new when dealing with Nicolas and Next Generation Yachting. 

Spence C O’Neal


I had the opportunity of meeting Nicolas as the seller´s broker when I bought a Lagoon 52F in October 2015. He was really helpful for both parts and I doubt it could be done without his professional advice and his special attention to the details. One year and a half later, I still ask for his advice when I need some technical information or recommendations for modifications, and he answers me on time and giving his best to help. If I would need a broker in the future to move to other boat, I am sure I will call him and work with him. 

R. Perez


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