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Purchasing A Yacht With Next Generation Yachting


For many years we have assisted customers purchasing yachts from different sources. Wether you are looking to buy a used yacht or a new built we have been successfully helping yacht buyers to realize their dream and to maximize their purchasing power.

Here are a few reasons why you should hire a buyer’s representative:


About Buyer’s And Seller’s Representation

Is Hiring the seller’s representative to represent your interests as a Buyer the best decision?

Is giving your deposit to the seller’s representative instead of your own agent seems the best choice?

Did you know that the listing commission paid to brokers is a fixed percentage amount of the sale; therefore buying in direct with the listing agent or your agent doesn’t change the amount the seller will pay?

Did you know that the commission is split between listing and buyers agent therefore you don’t have to pay your agent?

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Hiring A Licensed Yacht Broker


Hiring a Florida Yacht Broker means you are hiring a licensed and bonded agent on your side ( not every states requires a license and a bond application, including background check). Next Generation Yachting is also part of the IYBA ( International Yacht Broker Association) which requires to be selected and vouched for by two other yacht brokerage companies as well. This obviously shows not only that Next Generation Yachting has established a reputation in the industry but also that we have created strong relationship with other brokers which in return will help us represent best.


Looking For The Right Yacht

As Buyer’s Agent we start by assessing your yachting needs based on multiple factors: usage, geographic area of cruising, budget, market price, resale time frame, future purchase plans. These are sometimes complicated questions we help answer and that will determine the ideal yacht for you.

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Is Financing A Good Option For You?


Cash buying might not be the best choice for you, foreigners with no credit score in the US might need banks that are ready to finance them, some customers will need a foreign flag and therefore special financing options… There is so many choices and determining what might be better for you is sometimes challenging. We can help point in the right direction or simply provide the best professionals to help.


Making Offers

The art of making offers in the yacht market is not as simple as in real estate for exemple, yacht sales prices are sometimes quite different depending on various factors and not only on model and year. The Next Generation Yachting team has access to a database of previous yachts sold and can determine what other similar yacht sold for and even sometimes what this exact yacht you are looking at was sold for years before. Your broker can also find special situations that would allow under market price purchases or also steer you away from a bad deal you might not see through a listing agent eyes.

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Securing Your Deposit In Your Agent Escrow Account


Our escrow account is located in the the US ( Florida), having the peace of mind to secure your deposit with a reputable brokerage company and under US jurisdiction should be very important. Your deposit is fully refundable as long as you follow the purchase agreement steps and shall you not decide to proceed with a purchase. Sometimes the fact that your deposit is in your agent account will help you recover it or maybe faster in the event you would want to cancel the sale during the acceptance period.



Preparing For Survey

Surveying a yacht is the most important part of the purchase process. Having a good surveyor with reputable experience will help making sure you dont miss any big issue during the Sea-Trial or Haul out survey. Your Buyer’s Agent is here to help you find good surveyors if you require him to do and to participate with you or on your behalf to the survey in order to understand if there are any issues that could be a deal breaker or a good reason to re-negotiate the deal before closing. This extra experience on your side will help you take the right decision at that moment.

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Deciding What Is The Best Registration For Your Yacht


USCG ( US Coast Guard ), foreign registrations , regular title, and many more to chose from will decide wether you will have to pay importation duties or sales taxes or what type of legal protection you will have from a lawsuit or any claim against your vessel and your personal assets. There is many factors involved and we will help you find answers that fits your yachting lifestyle.


Avoiding Costly And Unnecessary Closing Expenses

What is the best closing set up? Offshore closing, inland closing, in person or via courier? Have you anticipated the process in order to be able to do so without having to take time off from your business or without having to flight to a foreign location? A buyer’s agent can help anticipate this process and save you time and money.

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Extra Services


We have a list of selected contractors and crew to help each and every new yacht owners to succeed with their yachting needs. Our standards of work is not only to find your yacht but also to help you enjoy the formidable lifestyle a yacht can bring you and your family.

Yacht Preparation:

  • Yacht Dockage
  • Yacht Insurance
  • Boat Detailers
  • Freelance Captains
  • Freelance Stewardess
  • Freelance Deckhands
  • Mechanics
  • Air Conditioning Specialists
  • Canvas and marine upholstery companies
  • Carpet cleaning companies

We Take Trades

Are you looking to trade in your vessel to purchase and new Yacht? There is good chances we can help you prepare your yacht in order to improve her value and to create presentations that will appeal to potential customers. This is an important part that can literally save you a great percentage of your deal and you shouldn’t have a seller’s representative evaluate your yacht.

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