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Alejandro Ochoa

Alejandro Ochoa - Yacht Consultant

Miami Beach, FL, US

Alejandro started working in the boating industry more than 10 years ago while selling marine products to supply Marinas and Yacht Dealerships such as Hatteras, Boston whaler and viking Yachts in Panama. Because of his ability to provide excellent services to his client, very soon he became a trusted industry member for warranty services and sales of Viking yachts and other manufacturers. Not just in Panama but also in neighboring countries.

As a yacht broker, his yachting philosophy has always been more of a lifestyle and not just a sales transaction with his clients. Alejandro brings integrity and expertise as well as hard work to ensure absolute satisfaction for both buyers and sellers alike.

On a personal note Alejandro speaks Spanish and English fluently, is an optimistic person who is fun to be around and to share time with whether it is for buying or selling a yacht: Alejandro prides himself on delivering positive emotions, tempered with professionalism and authenticity!

His dedication, attention to detail and a true talent for discerning exactly what people are seeking in yachting make him the clear choice when choosing a professional yacht broker.

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