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Boston Whaler is an American boat manufacturer. Boston Whalers were originally produced in Massachusetts, hence the name, but today are manufactured in Edwater, Florida. Boston Whaler owners use their boats in myriad ways, from hardcore offshore fishing to overnight cruising to watersports to simple socializing to rugged utility and military uses. They are also used as tenders for everything from smaller yachts to super yachts. And they cover all of these uses incredibly well, making moments last since 1958. Whether you choose one of their side consoles, center consoles, dual consoles or walkarounds, you’ll be equipped for every boating experience possible. If you’re looking for a new way to experience time with your family or just want to toss out your fishing line… you’ll be hooked with Whaler.

Next Generation Yachting helps buyers to locate and purchase used Boston Whaler Yachts for sale in florida.

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