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Our Core Philosophy

Our Core Philosophy


Conversation with
Nicolas Guitard

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We think that buying or selling a yacht and every days in between should be a truly amazing and unique experience and worth our clients considerable investment. Because we focus on service before numbers and commissions we have developed a boutique spirit brokerage that not only focus on service but also on experience. We dont try to sell a yacht…we find "your yacht".

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How concretely does that statement influence your everyday operation?

To start with, instead of trying to sell our inventory first no matter what the customer wants, we are listening to our client’s needs. We spend time and efforts to understand what is it that our client wants to do with his yacht so that we can help them determine what yacht is the best fit. Additionally and following the same philosophy, we have established great relationship over the years with most US and European shipyards and can propose new builds to our customers as well without being bias to a particular brand because we are not a dealership but a brokerage and consulting company.

We invest in search tools on our website and in developing new applications (exemple our yacht watcher module that help buyers to stay connected to the market…) to help our clients to do researches and participate to the exciting process of finding the yacht they want to buy. This approach allows buyers to either educate themselves in what is out there for sale or simply to make sure they are always in the know when needed and off course before other buyers that might rely only on their own research or with their brokers help. These tools are also very good for the yacht owners that want to sell with us because we use the same technologies to advertise their yacht to the right audience allowing a shorter period on the market for each sale.

Our meetings are always prepared so that our client valuable time is respected. We will avoid any guesswork and support our consulting advices with researches and will provide them to our customers in real time.

At last, the hassle of the purchasing or selling experience is always proportional to a good preparation from the broker to the clients and as much as we can, we will anticipate, communicate, and help our customers to go through these yachting steps as quickly and as flawlessly as possible.

Do you have clients that would like to share their experience with new customers in order to reassure them that hiring your company as a Buyer representative or as a seller representative is the right choice?

Yes, we certainly can give some of our previous clients contact information upon request for any customer that would like to hire us, this is absolutely important in the hiring process to check references and we completely understand the need for transparency.

What About technologies, you mentioned you are pushing for more application to help buyers and sellers reaching their goal, how exactly do you use technologies for your clients?

We have developed tools to advertise or to do researches or simply for marketing that allow our clients to stay informed, more prepared and more educated to facilitate their experience. We have the Yacht Watcher feature that we love because it is essential for a buyer to be aware of the market as well as a seller ( for exemple a buyer and a seller alike could monitor the market for a certain type of yacht so that they can either adjust their offers or adjust their asking price), we also give access to Sold Boats reports showing all past sales in the world for same models… Another development we are working on is to create a central dashboard for listing agents, sellers, buyers and buyers agent to monitor marketing and advertising worldwide as well as researches). Presently our website users can register and access their favorite yachts and their yacht alerts setup in one convenient screen giving them total control on their researches taking away all the unnecessary information to stay focussed and more alert on what type of yacht exactly they are tracking.

In our team of consultant we have the privilege to have some very bright minds and with our knowledge will surely come up with some great tools for all yacht buyers and sellers alike in the near future…stay tuned!

Apart from sales what else do you do to help your clients in yachting?

Sales are only 50% of our work and time efforts, once the yacht is sold we can share our experience with our clients and help them decide what is the best set up for them to enjoy their yacht fully.

We assist yacht owners with every aspects of their experience such as insurance, dockage, crew, exportation, shipping etc. We have a very strong knowledge in these domains as well as in refit and shipyard management and cruising experience in Europe, Caribbean, USA that may come handy sometimes when yacht owners are planning their next vacations. Of course we learn also a lot from our customers and we can share the cumulated experience to others, acting a bit like a knowledge hub.


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