Next Generation Yachting specializes in international yacht brokerage and sales of European yacht brands such as Azimut, Bennetti, Custom Line, Ferretti, Riva, Sunseeker and many more… Our brokerage and sales services are available worldwide with a focus on importing to USA, Latin America and Caribbean the best European yacht brand deals we can find.

Lately and because of a great success with many clients around the world we decided to offer our services to Yacht Owners wishing to sell their yachts in USA, in Caribbean, in Europe and in Latin America. Sellers have found out they should advertise their yacht for sale with a company that will reach an international market because of its knowledge of import/export process and regulations. This is an edge over the competition that sellers have used with us and with great success. Ultimately a sale will always comes down to the quality of the answers a buyer will get from his first interlocutor, this is what makes a real difference between advertising worldwide and selling worldwide.

At last and because values are the foundations of any healthy business we pledge to combine loyalty, “thinking outside the box” mentality, and work ethic. These sets of principles are guiding us in building strong and lasting relationships in our industry, and that means we provide the best experience to our customers and friends for years now.






If you are looking for a New Sunseeker Yacht deal and you’ve found it with Next Generation Yachting you don’t have to think twice! NG Yachting has now been authorized to sell New Sunseeker Yachts with Nautikos : The Florida and Mexico Official Sunseeker Yacht Dealer. That means you will still get all the help you value from us while enjoying great prices, warranties and support from Nautikos and Sunseeker Yachts! Contact us and find out more about all the great Sunseeker Yachts waiting to be taken away from the Factory or delivered at your dock.


Next Generation Yachting is proud to be part of the US and Americas representative members for the luxurious line of Vanquish Yachts a.k.a VQ Yachts for the USA. Contact us to learn more about these amazing yachts!


Next Generation Yachting is now a privileged partner with the high quality, customized catamaran brand Sunreef. If you have any questions about this great line of power catamarans and sailing catamarans do not hesitate to contact us for a conversation about the amazing line of yachts Sunreef can provide.